#CheckMeOut is a new campaign, aiming to raise awareness through the younger generation of the importance in checking your body for any abnormalities or other warning signs.

The campaign is being run in association with Purple House Cancer Support, which specialises in offering emotional support and practical help to those affected by Cancer both directly and otherwise, throughout Leinster. www.purplehouse.ie

This project is launched with the support of a lot of talented people. They generously offered their time and expertise at their own expense, to insure the strongest possible outcome. We thank everybody for their help and support.

Alongside the official launch night, CheckMeOut.ie are also aiming to start a social network trend based around the Logo.The hope is that everyone who obtains one of the transfer tattoos provided, will place it on a part of their body and tweet/facebook the image along with the CheckMeOut hashtag, in turn, assist us in raising the awareness of what the campaign aims to do.